Thursday, 21 May 2015

Experience May Be A Best Teacher After All: Wisdom Is The Right Application Of Knowledge!

Life is like common school sometimes. People learn and get knowledge in the name of empowerment. The ‘confident’ ones refer to the knowledge as wisdom. In most times people pay – in terms of money or time – to get this ‘wisdom’. While we learn people become so blind that they won’t have time or energy to apply. I’m sure though that it is applicable – in most cases. Generally, I mean we relax to the extent that we just overlook the fact that there are times we will be examined on whether we understood what we learnt or not so we can move up or stay and correct our mistakes.
Yah it’s that bad, I’ve been there. Usually you get convinced that you are an outright loser in life…..even closest people like friends among others reflect such messages and you just feel like a bag of waste.

In Ordinary or Advanced Level these exams determine brilliant and poor students as results are presented in standard gradings. I tell you, upper grades are so prestigious. Ooh I’m sure you know how it is like to get an A - brilliant or exceptional student, a wiz! You get all the honor, and some ephemeral glory – they call them celebrities or iz’khokho2 in my area. However you also, know how it is like to get an UNGRADED/FAIL (U/F) – dullest or lazy stupid student. Yah it’s that bad, I’ve been there. Usually you get convinced that you are an outright loser in life. If it happens that it is your usual range, you just would be ready to give up or never try anything because, to you the ‘truth’ is you can never do anything better. People, even closest people like friends among others reflect such messages and you just feel like a bag of waste.

We get numerous chances and opportunities to learn in life, mostly every day. It’s either through advices or experiences. James Allen in his timeless classic, As A Man Thinketh puts it this way -  ‘‘as a progressive and evolving being, man is where he is that he may learn that he may grow and as he learns the spiritual lesson which any circumstance contains for him, it passes away and gives place to other circumstances’’. Therefore, we are in every situation to learn so we can be able to stand tests or examinations to come.

“Why is that necessary Marshall?” you wonder. “What to learn?” You know I have actually understood and valued that if you have to steer clear of catastrophe - as James Allen would put it - in the journey of life, you have to be in the mood of learning in everything you do. “Now what are you saying?” Good question, but have you ever considered how the tests come? Unexpectedly – you won’t be  aware most of the times.

It’s important to learn so that when the exam comes you won’t coward yourself by running away. Because “what counts are results not action”, H. Maphios, My Principal always say. He also goes on to say, “because if you run away from responsibility, it will always be waiting for you in the future” – this time, many times threatening and you have no choice but to face it. One great and all-time inspiration of mine, John C. Maxwell asserts that, “the question is not ‘are you going to pay?’ but, it is ‘when are you going to pay?’”  One way or the other you will pay. “It’s either you pay now and play later or play now and pay letter plus an interest.” I think I already know your choice. Think about it folks.
“Now what are you getting at?
“Are you saying that if I lose I should throw in the towel and resort to the thought that I am a failure and can never do anything?”

Well, I’m glad someone could ask that so I can highlight the following. You see, applying the little of the knowledge we get can help us see the great people within us. The results are usually great. They bring up some self-trust. I personally believe that’s all you need for a massive resurrection of your confidence. After the small victory or success, you have the boldness to consider the knowledge acquired during the learning process, wisdom. Why? Because you applied it well and caused you to be happy. You are to, automatically stand on much of the facts and observations gathered and made in the learning process and say, “I’m born for greatness, I exist for that. I’m here to shine”. That way, you won’t hesitate to apply your knowledge one by one. Such boldness, confidence and self-assurance is the ultimate and only set of wheels to growth and movement from nowhere to somewhere, from nobody to somebody. I assure you, before you know it; you would have changed your life for good.

People pass at school. They pass with good grades. The same applies with life; we are given advices or taught by experience. We apply the knowledge obtained well and get happy. We move from one place to another, great! However, it is not always the case with the majority of us out there. Usually the result of applying such knowledge is frustration and the feeling of defeat. In common school, some students fail with very poor grades. This usually brings sheer hopelessness in both the student and the teacher, even the parents and friends. Mostly students would have failed to apply the knowledge they already had well. Sometimes they might have forgotten the facts. This is accounted for by either lack of practice or less of reading of notes. You agree with me that some don’t even take notes and so they won’t have anywhere to read from. Progressively, corrections are given.

Given the corrections and the cause for previous failure; i.e. less practice and reading of notes, students are motivated to get in track and flow with both mates and the teacher to avoid the past and unpleasant performance. It remains true, though unfortunate that others repeat the same cause for failure. This is mostly because of peer pressure and sometimes mob psychology. Distractions come in the form of sweet but short-term benefits such as sleep or playing which steal time and energy from the student. Sadly they fail again. Some unfortunately give up to live substandard lives, filled with mediocrity and strife. They become victims of economy downturns and other environmental circumstances. They become negative and bitter, quick to blame parents, peers and teachers, sometimes even spouses and political leaders. They adopt negative language and the rest of life’s problems find them magnetic and follow them. They default to a pathetic life which they are likely to pass on to their children.

On the other hand, some made use of corrections and chose not to repeat the cause for failure that they pass beautifully and victoriously. Truman Capote says, “failure is the condiment of success”. It’s so sweet to pass after you once failed. There are very slim chances that the wisdom slips your intelligence. It’s a treasure, “the one that can’t be torn or stolen” as my dad, Mr. Douglas Gwede told me sometime. Life become so meaningful that #FOCUS is the common virtue these people. Life is filled with an indomitable spirit and confidence. These people can do anything; they dominate and are almost perfect. They aren’t victims of economic downturns and circumstances but call the shots. Frustration is the least of their feelings, maybe once in a century because responsibility is their virtue. They adopt positive language, and are optimistic people. Success and victorious lives find them magnetic and follow them. They default to success and a feeling power. Like the former, they pass on this to their children and coming children

Conclusively, when presented with second, third or even forth chance to do things the right, we should take the opportunity and make a difference. Daystar TV network has a philosophy that says, “Never give up. There is no such thing as and ending, only a new beginning”. Henry Ford goes on, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”. When the greatest inventor, Thomas Edson was enquired of his steps in inventing a bulb he responded, I did not fail 9, 999 times, instead I found 9,999 times which cannot be used to make a bulb”. It doesn’t matter how much milk you spill as long as you don’t lose the cow”, says Harvey Mackay. My mentor Anthony Robbins in his life changing e-book, Re-Awaken The Giant Within asserts that, “The difference in the results that people produce comes down to what they’ve done differently from others in the same situations. Different actions produce different results. Why? Because any action is a cause set in motion, and its effect builds on past effects to move us in a definite direction. Every direction leads to an ultimate destination: our destiny”. We only have one lifetime, life it meaningfully, live in a way that your life is a model or inspiration rather than a warning. Don’t live a life of experiments. “Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure”, states Jim Rohn