Sunday, 12 July 2015


A dynamic, vital, versatile and assertive #leader and Form 4 student at Bethel Institute of Learning

“A very good morning to you all, Shingai is my name and I stand before you to present a speech about forgiveness.
“Our world is filled with hurt and offended people, after all who has not hurt or offended someone, even those whom they love the most? Even more who has not been hurt or offended even by those they love the most.
“It is one of the sad facts of life, that it is easy to offend or disappoint someone, it is even easier to be offended, but what’s not easy is to forgive. If only forgiveness came easy as offence does, what a different world it would be.
“One of the most crucial and foundational aspects of being a person deals with forgiveness. Without forgiveness we would be no better than beasts, in fact without forgiveness we would worse off than beasts because unlike us they have no concept of eternity or living in hopelessness, but people without forgiveness do!
“But there is more than to just being forgiven, as people we must forgive. Of course that’s not always easy because we have been thoroughly hurt, unfairly treated, misused or misjudged to an extent that forgiveness seems impossible.
“And yet there is inherent in the concept of forgiveness, a sense of fairness and injustice. Ladies and gentlemen we have to understand that forgiving someone is not to hold an individual accountable for what he or she should be accountable for, it is not to bear offence for what is offensive.
“True forgiveness comes before restitution. You forgive whether or not the offence is or ever could be rectified by the offender. One has to understand that this is not fairness or justice but this is forgiveness. If we demand fairness or justice in every aspect of our lives we could never forgive or be forgiven.”
-          Shingai is, currently a Form 4 student at Bethel Institute of Learning. She writes in her own personal capacity.
This speech was made at Bethel Institute of Learning in October 2014 at a prefect’s nomination day and farewell party for the then school leaving Form 4s and Upper 6.